Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Night at Dor Nahsholim

As an agent I like to discover interesting and tranquel places to put my clients in. Last night, I enjoyed visiting Dor Nahsholim.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

See you next time, America

Every time I leave the United States I try to assess and internalize the social changes that have taken place since my previous trip.

Ten years ago the average McDonalds value meal costed around $3.00. Today it costs nearly $6.00. Inflation is certainly on the rise but so is the overall lack of patriotism and confidence in government.

The word on the street is that Obama is preparing for a full governmental take over of everything and a new kind of Marshall Law is about to be devised to keep him in power and to collapse the American economy. It sounds a lot like an overbloated Conspiracy Theory, I know, but the conversation (at least in the south) is common and there doesn't seem to be any political P.R. or rebuttal against it. They say the system will collapse by next summer. We'll see.

They say a militia is forming in the south. Everyone I have come in contact with seems to be learning Survival Training or showing at least interest in learning how to turn poopy water into drinkable satiation. Televangelist Jim Baker seems to be leading Christians into an apocalyptical readiness and it sings from channel to channel both on and off the television signals and radio waves. It's amazing that America has come to this - an utter lack of faith in its own existence.

The Conspiracy Theory does seem to have a good basis though. Over the past decade the poor have pitched their tents against the rich, blacks have become less tolerant of the whites (and vica versa), government handouts are buying off the unhireable, security is still a joke, a member of ISIS would have more rights than a Jew or Christian on the witness stand and the national debt or rather 'intetnational debt' is silencing America's bells of freedoms to the sounds of China and Russia who say let 200,000 more people die in Syria because we have a better future trading partner with Iran.

What's eve more amazing is the polarization that one feels when absorbing the propogandic media on both sides that shifts focus on America's high crime rates and social unrest to peace plans and influences outside of its own reach. Certainly there has never been a more failed foreign policy that is overshadowed by an equally corrupt and failed internal one.

Here's one statistic to leave off with:  the crime rate in Indianoplis, Indiana is 200 times that of any major city in Israel. You are 200 times more likely to die from homocide in Indianapolis than in Israel during a war with Gaza and/or an intifada.

See you next time, America....that is if you're still around of course...and hopefully so.